Vuelta Vantaa

Vuelta Vantaa is a recreational bicycle ride in Vantaa, Finland.

The event centre is at Vantaankosken koulu, Isontammentie 15, 01730 Vantaa. There will be signs showing the way to the event centre on road Kehä III and road number 130 (Vanha Nurmijärventie).

There are three distances:

Long course 109 km (3 laps)

Short course 73 km (2 lap)

Families and juniors 37 km

Start at 11:00.

Prizes will be awarded for the best 3 men and 3 women, and also the fastest teams on the long course. On the short course the best 3 men and 3 women will be awarded. Family series participants will all get an product prize.

At the event centre, you will find more information at the school main doors. Make sure you read the directions before the start. There are dressing rooms with showers available, and all participants are provided a warm meal after the ride.

It is recommended that you learn to ride in a pack (group rides) before you participate in Vuelta Vantaa. On the long course we suggest the use of a road bike, in the other series the bike can be of any kind. A helmet must be worn at all times, and make sure that you have insurance cover.

The bib numbers will be available for pickup in the race office in the morning of Vuelta Vantaa on 21.07.2019 from 08:00 to 1030. You will receive your race number by mail. Attach the race number with safety pins on your lower back, on the right side, so that it is visible to the photo finish camera. Make sure the whole race number is completely visible. You do not need to return your race number after the ride.

Enrolment fees for Vuelta Vantaa 2019:


Before 15.4.

Before 31.5.

Before 15.7.

Late enrolment

109 km M, W

109 km Teams of 3-4 persons









73 km M, W





Family class 37 km20202030


Welcome to ride!

You can also register by sending email to: Please, tell us your name, team or city, class and distance. After enrolment, please pay enrolment fee as soon as possible by bank transfer to Aviapolis Cycling Team: FI 62 5790 1220 0389 14. The messagebox of transfer must contain your name and team/locality. You can also make the payment using Smartum Liikuntaseteli or Virike-seteli by sent them via post to: ACT, Lautamiehentie 9 B 48, 01510 VANTAA.